Today, Rockstar Games laid out some details about exclusive content GTA players on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A quick ‘Ctrl+F’ will find no mention of Heists. Way back before the game even released, Rockstar talked about heists. Here we are two years later and still no definitive news.

Maybe Rockstar just wants to surprise us at release. Yeah, that’s what it is.

Anyways back to the exclusive content. Rockstar is adding new events throughout the world that once completed will unlock new vehicles including the Imponte Duke O’Death (above) and the classic GTA plane, the Dodo seaplane.

Dodo plane

God, I remember taking off in the Dodo on GTA 3 like it was yesterday. Let’s all take a trip down memory lane.

Other pieces of content include playing as Michael to solve a Murder Mystery, new weapons (Rail Gun and Hatchet), stock car races and more. You can read the full list and a short Q&A over at Rockstar’s website.

A Rockstar comment does mention more details in the weeks leading up to the November 18th launch of GTA V. You have to think Heists are coming. GTA V is a fun game and all, and I’m probably picking it up – but Heists would make it a guaranteed purchase.

My heart says Heists will be there day one. My gut says we will be waiting. I’m hoping my gut is wrong.

What about you guys? Are Heists a make or break feature for you to buy GTA V?


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