With the kind of money flooding in from GTA Online, it’s not a matter of if but when Rockstar begins work on the next entry. And it looks like that works is already underway. Work continues turning Red Dead Redemption 2 into the powerhouse gamers expect and executives want. One actor’s resume shows motion capture work is already starting for GTA VI.

Here’s a screencap just in case.

GTA 6 motion capture

Soon after folks noticed his resume, a pic of him at Rockstar San Diego was spotted on his Instagram. It’s from late February, and in it, Neff mentions “another good couple of days.” We could assume this is work tied to GTA VI. But his resume shows Red Dead Redemption 2 as well. Maybe this was a little extra motion capture as the devs hit the final stretch of development.

It’s been almost four years since GTA V first landed and became the online juggernaut it is today. And four years later it’s still one of the most played games out there. Nearly every month it sits somewhere in NPD’s top 10 software sales. Last month, it sat comfortably at the #3 spot. Behind only a pair of new fighters (Tekken 7 and Injustice 2).

And each quarter, GTA V is the highlight of its parent company’s (Take-Two) financial reports. GTA with a heavy online presence is here to stay. Yeah, it’s a bummer for those waiting for single-player DLC. It also makes me worry about Rockstar’s trademark stories in the GTA and Red Dead Redemption franchises.

The single player stories aren’t going anywhere, but I can’t help but worry about more of each team’s energy focused on the multiplayer side of things. Maybe I’m worrying for nothing. Rockstar and Take-Two are not about to release a game that isn’t a sure-fire hit. But we better enjoy the stories told at the game’s release. If GTA V is any indication, we won’t see anything story related post-launch.

Now, when will we see GTA VI? Rockstar and Take-Two haven’t said a word about it. And don’t expect them to until after Red Dead Redemption 2 gets out the door. But let’s take a look at the past to see how GTA and Red Dead Redemption releases lined up.

GTA: San Andreas – October 26, 2004
GTA IV – April 29, 2008
Red Dead Redemption – May 18, 2010
GTA V (first release) – September 17, 2013
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Spring 2018

Late 2019 or 2020 are the most likely scenario. But how will the success of GTA Online influence release dates? That’s the question. Late 2019 is still my bet. It gives Red Dead Redemption 2 close to two years on its own. And a steady, yearly dose of AAA game releases for Take-Two.

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