Who doesn’t need nerd chills on a Thursday morning? The second trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has landed and is full of all the visuals we could want. Darth Vader still has the humidifier on max, and we see our hero’s dad is the one to blame for the Death Star.

Appreciate that Jyn. Mads Mikkelsen’s Galen Erso is central to the construction of the Death Star. We can figure on him being essential to helping those plans being stolen because it’s Star Wars.

Let’s break it down.

Krennic needs to tell his pilot to land a bit closer. I know the long strolls look cool as hell but damn brother. You see the empty spot next to the store? Grab it next time. It’s where we get a glimpse of Jyn’s dad, Galen, being ‘recruited’ to construct the Death Star.

“Whatever I do, I do it to protect you.” It’s the first dialogue in the trailer in which Galen is speaking to Jyn before he heads off. The cut of the trailer leads us to think this is a dream Jyn is having while in prison. If it’s not, we’re looking at the biggest time skip contained within a Star Wars movie.

Rogue… Rogue One Callsign

Some are complaining about the blatant name drop of the movie. Instead, I see it as a bit more fan service to those who loved the hell out of Rogue Squadron in the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. Proof of that is we see the classic X-Wings strafing an Imperial space station.


Please tell me the Rebel fleet engages at some point. Fans are begging for a legitimate space battle. Love X-Wings and TIEs mixing it up, but nothing beats capital ships joining the fray.

That many ships massing has to mean an attack, so let’s hope for an epic battle. And Disney, let Lucasfilm make an X-Wing series. Call it whatever you want, just more space battles.

Fan Service in the Rogue One Dialogue

Quick note on trailer dialogue. We may never hear it in the movie, so take what you hear with some skepticism. Jyn’s line of “if my father built this thing, we need to find him” screams the Star Wars template of redemption we saw between Luke and Vader. The twist here is Galen doesn’t strike me as needing to be redeemed. He’ll do anything for his daughter, and once she shows up, it’ll be self-sacrifice.

Baze Malbus asking, “how many do we need [to complete the mission]?” has the ROTJ feel of the scene with Mon Mothma placing Han in charge of the Endor mission and having Luke and Leia volunteer.

Save the cheerleader. Save the world?

This line needs to go or be placed in a better spot. Saw Guerra closes out the trailer screaming “save the rebellion, save the dream!” That’s too close for comfort to old Heroes series. The one we want to forget.

The rebellions are built on hope seems a bit out of place and cheesy. It makes me think this is pure marketing dialogue and not in the final cut. Jyn seems too hardened by her life and does she need three separate speeches to rally her band of rogues?

Rogue One Backstory Hints

Visually, Saw Guerra has had a rough time since the Clone Wars. He’s missing both feet and parts of his legs. The full profile adds to his menacing, yet weathered look. We all knew Chirrut was our ‘Yoda’ for the film. But he’s blind, and someone gave him a bowcaster?

Knowing Chirrut isn’t a Jedi, it brings up the question of who is wielding the Force in the movie. Cassian Andor references the Force and how it can “make ten men feel like a hundred.” Could be a throwaway line convincing others of the power of the Force, but an interesting aspect to watch.

Rogue One Raises a Death Star

The Force Awakens had Starkiller base, but this is Star Wars. It sees your planet-based weapon and raises you a mobile moon-sized planet destroyer. Damn does it look good. And Lucasfilm is intent on showcases the sheer size of it in all the trailers and marketing.


While Starkiller may be a system destroyer, there’s something about seeing the Death Star which makes it more menacing. Probably because it doesn’t have forests growing on it.

Darth Vader is still Chill-Inducing

No back of the helmet shots. We get a pissed off Vader, interrupted from his vaping convention, fast walking towards someone – Krennic or Galen? Looks like Krennic.


The best part is when we hear Vader breathing while Krennic talks about the power of the Death Star.

Yes, it’s another nod to the original movies, but who gives a damn? The film is taking place right before A New Hope. The Imperial high command would be talking up the Death Star’s power and having it mentioned in Rogue One makes sense.

Krennic does have more leeway with Vader than Admiral Motti. It’s close to the same speech, but Krennic tells it as an aside. Motti gets choked out by demeaning Vader in front of the Death Star’s general staff.

It’s a great trailer for a film that has to stand nearly on its own. It has the known backstory, but Vader and the Death Star are its only real callbacks for casual fans. It allows Lucasfilm to kick off the standalone movies with one that has a foundation and grow from there.

The Star Wars superfan has plenty to dissect over the coming months. Anyone catch Ponda Baba in the cell next to Jyn? The ruined Jedi temple and statues?

Rogue One jedi ruins

Come on December 16. I feel for the films releasing in the holiday window this year. It’ll be hard to top the juggernaut that is Star Wars. Darth Vader being back is all most of us need.

And a space battle. Give us a huge space battle.

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