alabama largest alligator caught

Alabama in the news for more zaniness. A family in Alabama is claiming a new record for the largest alligator ever killed, legally. If I was the driver of that boat, it would have been the quickest 180 ever and full speed to shore. Not a chance I’m helping drag that monster in.

For those of you willing, this gator was brought in to the check-in station at Roland Cooper State Park in Wilcox County. Nice, I know where I will never swim now. Measuring the length of the alligator was no problem for Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists. It was the weighing the monster that proved to be difficult. It broke the the first pulley assembly.

Eventually a backhoe was brought in to lift the alligator and have its weigh-in. Final weight? 1,011.5 pounds. A new Alabama record. That’s how we do it in the south.

The Stokes family spoke to on the catch and previous records. “Truthfully, after I saw the Fancher Gator, in my mind I was thinking there’s no way we can catch anything bigger than that,” Mandy Stokes said. “When I finally saw it the full-body mount at the Gee’s Bend Terminal, the main thing I remembered was the size of its feet. When I saw the size of the foot on this one, I knew it was a good one.”

A quick rundown of the catch is that it took over five hours starting Friday night into early Saturday morning. Yeah, they did this at night. I’ve seen enough SyFy movies to know this had to be terrifying. The family said their emotions went from boredom to exhilaration and fear after hooking the gator.

Mandy Stokes wants to keep gator hunting, but said she learned a valuable lesson over the weekend. “Right now the fairest way for me to say it is that we’ll apply again, but I can assure you, I have no desire to hook into anything like this again. I truly don’t,” she said.

Be sure to head over to for the full rundown of the hunt. Just as a note, the gator could swallow that kid whole. Definitely something that isn’t on my bucket list.

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