Tired of looking at the ugly router piping Netflix goodness into your apartment? I’ll admit my Comcast router isn’t winning any style contests. Function over form.

But what if you want a bit of both? Why can’t our routers have some sense of style? You’re in luck today. Google is partnering with TP-LINK to style its OnHub router with a set of three interchangeable shells.

Go wild amateur HGTV designers.

Google promoted the initiative by launching OnHub Makers, a collaboration with a who’s who in the design world. Some of the designers showcased include Maya Freelon Asante and the Brooklyn design duo of Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza.

Depending on your tastes, the router shells run the design spectrum of gorgeous to ‘Trump-chic.’

If you have some artistic ability – that gene skipped over me – OnHub is providing anyone with the tools to create their own shells. CAD files, 2D outlines and detailed instructions are provided via the Maker site.

It wouldn’t be the Internet without a hashtag, and Google wants you to tag your creation #OnHubMakers. The best will be showcased on the site’s gallery. That’s one hell of a portfolio boost for artists. You get showcased by a Google site.

Check out some of the designs Google has showcased:

Google OnHub Makers design

OnHub Makers by Google

OnHub Routers custom design

OnHub Router Shells

Looking to spruce up your OnHub router? Three shells are up for sale on the Google Store. You can choose between bamboo, black and silver, or white and gold.

Pricing for a shell ranges from $29 to $39. Zero worries about it breaking the bank and our routers can finally emerge from the corner.

My favorite is the silver and black. Sound off on your favorite design offered by Google.

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