Ever wondered what your commute would look like if you lived in a galaxy far, far away? Good news. Your Star Wars question has been answered courtesy of Dein Sky Film, a German TV channel. Sorry, my non-existent German skills are rusty.

It’s a short video, but imagine if you happened upon a TIE Fighter wreck. Traffic snarled cause some TIE pilot was texting while flying. It has everything from a snowy road, to caution triangle, and lazy stormtroopers leaning against the wreckage.

The video begs the question, why now? You would think maybe Disney is jumping into viral marketing for the upcoming Star Wars movie next year. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still a full year away, but that hasn’t stopped the teaser trailer from kicking off the hype.

Mission accomplished Disney. I’m hyped beyond. Just please, make it good. I’d even settle for a serviceable Star Wars film.


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