Russell Westbrook Shows Nuggets Value Of Boxing Out
Russell Westbrook slam

Three defenders, one Russell Westbrook. How do you think that turns out?

Exactly how you would think. About midway through the third quarter, Russell Westbrook decided it was time to go Russell Westbrook on the Nuggets.

After what I think was an attempt at a fade away jumper by OKC – only Durant or Westbrook are allowed to shoot the one foot fades – Westbrook blitzed three defenders to slam a putback.

Seven seconds of glorious video:

Yeah… I’m glad the Nuggets had the best seat in the house for that. Boxing out? What’s that coach?

You have to love how crazy Westbrook acts when he nails a put back or any crazy play for that matter. The guy has a motor like no one else on the court. It’s either full speed or he looks like he’s on life support.

russell westbrook okc

A happy middle? What the hell is that?

OKC went on to win with a final score of 117 to 93. The Thunder are currently 3-0 in the young NBA season. The World Series is over; It’s NBA time baby.

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