And that’s a wrap for Craig Ferguson. If you haven’t followed The Late Late show comic, you’ve missed out on one of the funniest late night comics to grace a soundstage.

Last night, he had the perfect musical send-off featuring a who’s who in Hollywood. And don’t worry, Geoff Peterson and Secretariat were featured heavily. If you have not seen the Liam Neeson impersonation by Geoff, you are missing out.

The roster of celebrities was as impressive as Stephen Colbert’s send-off on Comedy Central on Thursday night. It included Jeff Daniels on guitar, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Carell, Matthew McConaughey, Tenacious D duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Weird Al Yankovic, Pierce Brosnan, Quentin Tarantino, Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Ted Danson, Shailene Woodley, Jane Lynch, James Marsden, Don Cheadle, Ray Romano, fellow talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Larry King, Regis Philbin, Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Romano, Mila Kunis, Betty White, and a still-pregnant Kristen Bell.

If you have followed the show, Kristen Bell gives some of the best interviews on the show, and is a regular guest. The final celebrity guest on the show was Jay Leno, who left the Tonight Show earlier this year after 22 years.

Ferguson was quick to heap praise on Leno, thanking him for being a friend. “Well, you’ve been a good friend to me,” he replied. “You always were fair, you know, you didn’t join the late-night talk show little ‘snippy club.'”

“And we both have Scottish mothers,” he added.

Craig Ferguson Celebrity Name Game

Fans of Ferguson won’t be without him for very long. He’s set to move to a syndicated game show, Celebrity Name Game next year.

Check out his final monologue below. It’s a sad day for American late night.


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