Update – The Indiegogo campaign has been pulled without explanation. Some are pointing to the fact the SALT bears a striking resemblance to the Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol. You can see the image below with the SALT on the left and Tippmann on the right.

salt update

I’ll keep the post updated when more details become available about the campaign being pulled.

Guns. One word and it’s instant controversy. The second amendment isn’t going anywhere. Both sides are entrenched, and the average voter is distrusting of the government on a good day.

Most handguns are purchased for one reason. Home defense. The issue is that while compact and relatively easy to handle, a handgun is damn terrible at its primary job unless you’re experienced.

Guess what? Most gun owners are not experienced in the slightest. Home intrusions are a one-way ticket to being way too amped up to use the handgun properly.

Have kids? It needs to be kept locked up for safety.

The next problem? Velocity. Take your average 9mm handgun. Depending on the round, you’re looking at a ballistic velocity of 1,300 feet per second. If you miss, the drywall isn’t stopping that round. Nor is the wall in the next room.

You see the problem. Nothing is inherently wrong with owning handguns. The issue is that for a chaotic home defense, there needs to be a more practical and safer solution.

Protecting lives shouldn’t mean taking a life.

SALT Supply Company

SALT is a Chicago-based company looking to change how we view traditional home defense. Three team members took the basic concept of a handgun and transformed it into a non-lethal platform.

SALT answers three issues with handguns.


Non-lethal ammunition means no accidental shooting deaths. A firearm in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill or injure in a domestic homicide, suicide or accidental shooting than in actual self-defense.

salt home defense construction

That’s a problem when you consider that out of the 320 million guns owned in the United States, 70 percent were purchased for home defense or general protection.

SALT trades traditional ammunition for non-lethal round filled with the company’s proprietary powdered chemical compound. It will explode on contact, filling the air with a cloud to incapacitate the intruder or would be attacker.

The rounds used by SALT induce temporary blindness, contact irritation and lung constriction., Generally the effects last for around 50 minutes.

Yeah… Feel for the guy that drew the short straw that day.

A perk of the rounds? You don’t have to hit the target. An impact against a wall will have the same effect. The round explodes into a cloud, rendering the same effect.

[divider]Offers Offense and Defense[/divider]

Unlike a taser or other non-lethal device, the SALT can work without seeing the target. If you have an intruder trying to kick down a door, you can hit the door with a couple rounds to form a chemical barrier between your home and the would-be attacker(s).

[divider]Ease of Use[/divider]

Don’t like the recoil of a handgun? SALT trades the black powder for co2 cartridges. You lose the deafening discharge of a handgun along with the recoil. SALT designed it so people would be more apt to actually practice with device versus putting it in a drawer.

SALT Indiegogo

The crowdfunding campaign just kicked off, but it fills a giant need in the states. A home defense weapon that doesn’t present a constant worry for the homeowner. If someone shoots the SALT, they will be miserable for a bit, but that’s it.

The classic look of a handgun also serves as a psychological trigger to ward off intruders without even firing off a round. Is it something to play with? Hell no. Don’t wave it around like a jackass. It looks like a handgun.

What it allows responsible gun owners to do is lock up all their firearms in a gun safe. No more worries about your kids accidentally grabbing a real handgun or rifle. And gun safes are better storage than a drawer or a shelf. They look badass filled up.


An early bird special is available for $299. It includes one SALT, ten practice rounds, ten SALT rounds and two co2 cylinders. Think paintball on the co2 cartridges. Extra practice rounds are available for $35 and SALT rounds for $49.


For a crowdfunded project like this, I was expecting something in the early 2016 range. Instead, the company is promising a December delivery date.


The SALT can be shipped to 46 states current. Shipping restrictions prohibit deliveries in New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii. Chemical laws prevent the sale to residents of California.

Learn the story of SALT via the video below and check out the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

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