Another day, another fitness tracker. By now, shouldn’t we all be fitness models? How many steps to the cover of Men’s Health?

Samsung is dealing with a leak today after pictures of its SM-R150 leaked on both Sammobile and Tizen Cafe. Don’t worry. The name is changing. Please don’t name it Gear Fit Samsung. Everyone remember the Gear Fit from a couple of years back?


Samsung SM-R150 leaked images

What’s new with the Samsung fitness tracker? It definitely borrows design elements from the Gear S2. The rotating bezel is there, and overall it has a sporty look. Judging by the leaks, it’s hard to tell if Samsung is going smartwatch or swinging a hammer at the Fitbit Surge and Jawbone Ups of the world.

For the sake of Fitbit’s stock, it needs to hope the SM-R150 is a smartwatch. The images imply a heavy focus on fitness tracking and music, but we are looking at leaks.

One interesting component is the wearable attaching to a shirt. That’s definitely smaller than the watch and could be a companion piece to the SM-R150. Better heart rate tracking? More vital signs?

The fitness tracker will contain Samsung’s Bio-Processor chip. The chip has already been promised to make it into wearables this year, and the prevailing wisdom was Samsung would license it out. That’s still the case, but the leaked images show Samsung isn’t willing to let other brands steal the show.

Here’s Samsung’s initial Bio-Processor promo. Silly? Hell yes, but gives you an idea of where the company wants to take the product.

Basing everything off the leaked images, I like the design. The companion wearable is interesting, and I’m curious on how it attaches to a shirt. If it’s meant to measure vitals, the shirt image has to be for scale, and it will come with a strap to wear under your workout gear.

The annual Mobile World Congress is right around the corner. If Samsung is renewing its fitness tracker resolution, we’ll know soon.

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