Those who love smartphone photography will want to watch iFixit’s latest video. Especially if you want to know how Samsung managed to cram 108 megapixels into the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

The camera assembly is massive for a smartphone, though admittedly, the S20 Ultra won’t be winning any awards for being the smallest smartphone on the market. What’s impressive is we get a detailed look into just how much camera technology Samsung managed to cram into the phone. 

One of the biggest takeaways for me is the 108-megapixel sensor surface area. Compare it with the current flagship iPhone 11 Pro, and you see, Samsung is giving the S20 Ultra double the surface area to work with. 

ifixit samsung galaxy s20 ultra teardown
Credit: iFixit

Yes, there’s still a ton of pixel binning happening to achieve the 108 megapixels, but bigger sensor size equals better image quality — most of the time. The idea is to maximize the amount of light hitting the sensor, and Samsung is achieving that in the S20 Ultra. 

What about the periscope zoom? Samsung achieves that by folding the optics to get the 4x zoom along with the 100x space zoom. The latter has a ton of digital help, but a fascinating look inside the assembly nonetheless. 

The folded lens even has its own stabilizer, which is crazy considering how miniaturized everything has to be to fit inside the S20 Ultra footprint. Sure, it’s a big phone, but what Samsung has managed to achieve here is remarkable when you realize the camera is just one part of what is the most advanced smartphone currently on the market. 

Jump over to iFixit to read their takeaways and impressions of the full S20 Ultra teardown.

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