Before Lil Wayne was popping bottles on his Samsung Galaxy S7, you had to buy the S6 Active to enjoy water and dust resistance. Well, now that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are on the market, the Active series looked left out in the cold.

Fear not fans, the S7 Active is happening thanks to an inadvertent Samsung app changelog. It shows compatibility for a Galaxy S7 Active with the model number SM-G891A. The changelog was part of the latest update to the Samsung Level app.

Samsung S7 Active changelog

Stands to reason the new Active smartphone will have something more than dust and water resistance. The current slate of S7 models have it, so it’s time to one up its siblings.

Rumors have the S7 Active featuring military-grade protection against water and drops. Presumably, you’ll want to SCUBA dive with your cell phone. Why? Who knows, but the current S7 models can handle random drops into the pool and pouring champagne on it.

The old S6 Active also enjoyed longer battery life over its counterparts. Expect the same type of feature set with the S7 Active. As for internals, nothing is known on the hardware. The release date is murky and nothing on the design front.

One possible snag for fans of the series is it could be exclusive to AT&T customers. Uh oh. Put away the champagne Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint customers.

More on the S7 Active as it breaks.

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