The war for your eyes is set to begin according to a report from Business Korea. Samsung is reportedly set to unveil its Google Glass competitor in September at the IFA tech show in Berlin.

Business Korea spoke to a Samsung “associate” who calls the device Gear Glass. It’s not clear if that will be the official name for the device.

Today’s news shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Samsung filed a patent last October that showed off a smart glasses device. Based off the diagrams, Samsung’s device would work very similar to how Google Glass works.

Business Korea has a mock up on their report that shows an earpiece going into your right ear with the display in front of your right eye. Think blue-tooth headset with a display out in front of your eye.

Gear Glass will reportedly run on the Tizen mobile operating system. This is the same operating system that Samsung has used on several smart wristbands including the Gear 2 line and Gear Fit.

Samsung and Google aren’t the only ones looking into the smart glasses. Apple, Microsoft and Sony are all reportedly hard at work on versions of their own.

Pricing will be the biggest factor in adoption of wearable glasses. That, and functionality. You can buy Google Glass right now for $1,500. Don’t expect that price point to stick when Google Glass officially releases, though. $300-400 will probably be about all most consumers will stomach.


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