Bad TV. Samsung Smart TV Wants You Hydrated With a Pepsi
samsung pepsi ad

What? Didn’t you want a Pepsi? Your Samsung Smart TV isn’t your butler; it’s selling what it has. Samsung is having the type of week Brian Williams has – nothing is going right.

First, the Smart TVs are going the idiot version of the NSA and listening to your private conversations. Yeah, I didn’t actually say I like Lifetime movies, it was an existential conversation.

Now? A Reddit user is reporting a muted Pepsi ad began playing while he was watching shows and movies on his Smart TV. At this point, we will have actual burning hulks of these TVs on YouTube. With a pre-roll ad.

The files the user was watching was stored on a local Plex server, but the ads were not appearing on any of his other devices – smartphone or tablet. Wading through the support forums at Plex, the solution is probably more infuriating than the actual ad.

All you have to do is click “disagree with the Yahoo Privacy Notice.” It is the digital version of climbing Everest without oxygen and a Sherpa on your back.

Plex was quick to point fingers elsewhere in a statement to GigaOm, blaming the television software.

The same issue popped up with Australian owners of Samsung Smart TVs. Pepsi ads began playing during Foxtel programming. Support was quick to say it should not be happening, and Foxtel released a statement.

“We can confirm that the issue has now been rectified and that there are currently no plans to introduce this type of advertising in Australia in the near future,” the statement said.

With this afflicting Samsung only, you have to wonder about intent here. You already paid over a thousand dollars for the smart TV. Now they want to monetize it? Great work Samsung, you gave a couple of law firms billables for the next few years.

Samsung is still struggling through answers to privacy questions. It says data is only sent to third parties during a search request. But, the ads being shown on TVs paint a different picture.

What is Samsung actually doing with your data. Can you opt out of it? We are entering the era of smart technology and big data. Growing pains are expected, but I drink Coca-Cola.

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