With Game of Thrones wrapping its sixth season, some still haven’t seen the show. Now, do you blitz six seasons on HBO Go, or do you let Samuel L Jackson summarize all the seasons in a concise, swear-filled monologue?

How can you tell it’s a Samuel L. Jackson monologue? The f-bomb makes an appearance in less than 15 seconds. Yep, how’s it sound motha*****?

The video is perfection. Ever wanted an explainer video or a reminder just what all has happened in the seasons of Game of Thrones? Jackson is the perfect man for the job. Now, summarize the damn books. It’d take a hell of a lot longer than seven minutes, but at least he’d finish…

Favorite part? Bran tripping. Two words to sum up our new three-eyed raven.

Then he points out the fact everyone is completely apathetic towards the threat of the white walkers. Why worry when we have to fight each other? And for a show that always preached winter is coming, no one is remotely prepared.

Game of Thrones narrated by Samuel L Jackson

The video is a promo from HBO to push digital downloads from iTunes. It’s why Jackson teases just enough of the surprises in the show, but leaves those who haven’t seen an episode wondering what is truly happening.

Hell of a marketing piece for a show that doesn’t need marketing. Instead, we need more episodes. Production was delayed on the seventh season for a bit more winter and the last two seasons are shortened. Winter has arrived for the Game of Thrones universe.

For the rest of us? The end is coming…

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