Look, I like The Rock as much as the next person, but a San Andreas sequel? That’s like Armageddon 2 – that’s a damn joke Michael Bay, not a suggestion. At least, Independence Day gave it 20 years. My ADD kicks in and give me some Jeff Goldblum goodness.

At this point, Dwayne Johnson is bad luck to have around. Earth literally cracks in half when he drives up. Guy was a rescue chopper pilot. Then an expert skydiver. A skilled man at the helm of a zodiac and a free diver. In one movie.

Damn, he’s Jason Bourne. Now, that’s not a bad idea, but how would he blend in? Matt Damon can make the argument because he’s not a giant.

Regardless, New Line saw money, so a sequel must be filmed. And the cast is returning. Carla Gugino (she played the estranged wife to The Rock), Alexandra Daddario (daughter who needed rescuing) and Paul Giamatti (think if they let Alex Jones become a government spokesman).

San Andreas sequel

San Andreas 2

That won’t be the title. I hope. New Line has tapped Neil Widener and Gavin James to script the sequel. The duo is riding high after selling scripts for Verona, a retelling of Romeo and Juliet and Battle for Alcatraz. Verona was sold to Sony with Joe Roth producing, and Battle for Alcatraz to Paramount.


The same creative team is returning for the sequel. Producer Beau Flynn is returning for the sequel. Director Brad Peyton is behind the camera for the sequel, and he will join Johnson’s production banner, Seven Bucks Production, as an additional producer in some capacity.


Plot details are understandably lacking. I will go out on a limb and say LA and San Francisco are out of the question. LA was destroyed, and San Francisco got nailed by a tsunami in the first film.

Not even The Rock can make a FEMA cleanup movie entertaining.

The rumor is New Line wants to expand the disaster locales by going global and focusing on the Ring of Fire. That opens up the entire Pacific region. It also ignores the premise of the first movie in which Paul Giamatti’s character warned the East coast they would feel the earthquake.

That large of a quake plus the tsunami means Alaska, Hawaii, and eastern Asian countries were impacted. But hey, Hollywood. If you’re thinking, you’re doing it wrong.

Good news is we can speculate. Throw out the plot holes using the Ring of Fire creates and have fun. Hollywood will want to spend a sizable CG budget. That leaves major metropolitan locales. My money’s on Tokyo.

Flashy locale with a rich earthquake history. It would offer the best option for a San Andreas sequel. Casual fans will know the geography, and it puts the movie in a position to take advantage of the global box office.

What do you think? Ready to see what The Rock is cooking in the next disaster flick? Sound off on where you think San Andreas 2 should head? And we need a better working title.

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