Hand down. Man down. Yeah, I’m getting ready for the NBA playoffs and Mark Jackson.

Man Down? They want you beach ready with the Man Bag. It’s a great name for a product that promises to kick your ass and leave you discovering muscles you never knew existed.

The no-leak sandbag system is the latest from the California-based company that focuses on handcrafted fitness equipment. If you expect a lackluster workout, look elsewhere.

Man Bag Fitness Sandbag

A major issue with current fitness sandbags is you can never get that perfect grip. Man Down aims to solve the problem with its variable weight feature. Fill it 30-80 pounds of sand and you’re set.

man bag sandbag portability

Handles are spaced throughout to give you a range of workout options. Here’s a breakdown of the $115 Man Bag:

  • Body constructed of 1,000 denier nylon
  • Unique, patent-pending design
  • Two-stage closure with roll-down ends allows for variable weight with a tight fit
  • Capable of holding 30 to 80 pounds.
  • Suggested filler = play sand (not included)
  • Durable construction using 2″ heavy polypropylene webbing handles, strong flat-felled seam, reinforced box stitches, high impact plastic D-rings, reinforced rubber handles, high-impact plastic locking buckles
  • Neoprene buckle covers convert into beer koozie (for post-workout enjoyment of your favorite adult beverage)
  • 46″ long and 13.25″ wide (unfilled). 28″ circumference.
  • Velcro square to hold morale patch
  • Made in the USA, almost entirely of parts manufactured in America

The fifteen-second commercial is perfect for the bag.

Who hasn’t bought a sandbag to have it leak? And not just the ‘disintegration’ leak, but the insidious slow leak that is more annoying than the bag falling apart.

Sandbag Fitness

What type of workouts can you expect with a sandbag? Any and everything. Man Down itself has a list of over 70 exercises you can work your way through. I’m already exhausted just watching a few of the videos.

You can easily combine a collection into a total-body HIIT circuit workout. Best part? The bag goes anywhere you go. No need to drive to the gym. Or put together a home gym that quickly becomes a storage rack.

man bag sandbag

If you love the gym, keep the membership. Sandbags are meant to complement training instead of replacing your current regimen. It’s functional fitness. Sure, you get the aesthetics of a workout routine, but it’s also functional strength.

Want a starter workout? Breaking Muscle has an excellent primer on a five-week plan to get you moving. Here’s a taste of week one:

Workout 1

Sandbag Clean x 10 repetitions
Sandbag Floor Press x 10 repetitions
Sandbag High Pull x 10 repetitions

Workout 2

Sandbag Deadlift x 5 repetitions
Sandbag Back Squat x 5 repetitions
Sandbag Overhead Press x 5 repetitions

Workout 3

Sandbag Get Up with a Sandbag Windmill x 5 repetitions on each side
400m Run

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. Weeks 2-5? Jump over the site for more in-depth programs and details on the individual workouts.

You can see the strength benefits of incorporating sandbags. The Man Bag may be the answer for those looking for a variable weight sandbag and one that can go with you on vacations and business travel.

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