“Delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone,” Microsoft teases in a blog post. Sounds like a cheap Lumia smartphone is on the way. Circle November 11. Microsoft promises #MoreLumia then.

This will be the Microsoft’s first non-Nokia-branded Lumia smartphone unveiled since the tech giant dropped just over $7 billion for Nokia’s handset business.

The rebranding should shock no one. Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who now serves as executive VP of the Microsoft Devices Group, said the handset business would get a new name once the deal was finalized.

As for details about the new phone? Well, there’s a front facing camera on it. And, it’s orange. Past that, we’ll have to wait until November 11.

The orange frame was teased by Microsoft last month when it showcased the Microsoft logo on the back. At the time, Tulla Rytilä, senior VP of marketing of phones for Microsoft, said, “We are looking forward to unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon.”

Can Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revitalize Microsoft’s mobile sector like he has in other areas of the company? With the Windows Phone OS powering just 2.5% of the world’s mobile devices, Nadella’s task is a challenging one. An affordable Lumia smartphone could be the answer.

Microsoft has proved turnarounds in their mobile sector are possible. Despite a rough start, the Surface tablets are starting to come into their own. In the first fiscal quarter (ending September 30) Microsoft reported revenue from Surface sales at $908 million. That was more than double from a year. Growth I’m sure Microsoft would love to see in the smartphone sector.

What about you? Interested in Microsoft’s latest smartphone offering? Let me know in the comments below.

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