Guess what America? Sarah Palin is back and she’s angrier than a pitbull missing her favorite lipstick. Why is she angry? Social media. She posted a photo of her son Trig standing on the family dog’s back to help with the kitchen. To hammer home her point, she used Hawaiian slang to tell the ‘evil left’ to kiss her ass.

trig standing on dog sarah palin

Look, I know it’s fashionable to hate on Palin, and I’m no fan, but come on. Remove Sarah Palin from the equation. Now look at the dog and Trig. Is there any malice there whatsoever? Is the dog freaking out? No. Now, should she get Trig off the dog? Of course, but let’s not act like she’s the second iteration of Michael Vick. It’s disingenuous at best.

Then there’s the point this dog is specially trained for Trig, who has Down Syndrome. Palin was quick to point this out: “We adopted her for our youngest son from an amazing friend in Iowa who runs a foundation that raises and trains dogs for our wounded warriors. These dogs can change a disabled vet’s life, and that’s a beautiful thing! Certainly the Puppy Jake Foundation has changed our life for the better.”

In a statement slamming PETA, who criticised her for taking the photo, she told critics to “kiss my okole.” How many times have you learned a word from the former governor of Alaska?

Her full statement stretched the criticism, but it’s her kid, so she has a right to be the momma grizzly. “They’re not attacking me because I showed people a special needs child and his happy, healthy, beloved service dog; they’re attacking me because, well, I’m me,” wrote the former Alaskan governor. “So what’s new? PETA throws raw meat in front of their attack dogs and says sic ’em, and we have a choice in how to react to these kind of haters who’ll keep on hating. We either accept their attacks as stumbling blocks, or see them as stepping stones to make a point about truth.”

Yeah, that’s not why they are criticizing. It’s because you are Sarah Palin. Think of it like this Palin fans – you are accusing critics of the very same behavior you engage in. Blanket vitriol over President Obama. Who is going to be the first group to rise above it? Don’t hold your breath.

She polished off the statement with a nod to Taylor Swift. “P.S. Should Jill Hadassah have not enjoyed Trig’s playing with her, guess it would have reminded us another important lesson-sometimes life jumps up and bites you in the okole, but you don’t stop moving and baby you just Shake It Off.”

Who needs Kim Kardashian to break the Internet? Just unleash Sarah Palin on social media.

Let’s make a deal. No one let their kids stand on the mini-horse of a family dog, and the rest of you quit dressing your animals like hipsters.

Win-win baby.


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