Check your fear of heights on the runway. The fully-customizable Savage Bobber is everything you want in a light sport aircraft. Lacking the need for a traditional pilot’s license, ZLIN Aviation is unleashing the newest in its Savage line of aircraft.

Imagine an ultralight that is fully customizable. The company wants customers and enthusiasts to visualize the custom motorcycle market and apply it to light aircraft. Every feature can be swapped out to fit the pilot’s wish list and personality.

Savage Bobber Options

The list will sound like you went into an aftermarket shop for bikes or cars and went nuts. ZLIN gives you a taste of what your Savage Bobber can look like:

[ecko_contrast]15 different colors for the engine, 20 available colors for the welded (4130) fuselage, 2 types of chrome, 8 types of high quality leather, 10 types of luggage holders, 3 colors of seat belts, 2 types of seats (including the option of high quality saddles from the motorcycle industry), 10 different paint schemes, 4 colors available for the propellers, 2 types of original instrument panels (even machined) and much more (special tires and brakes, textured colors for the fuselage tubes, specific supports for options like metal fuel tanks, surfboards, fishing poles, hunting rifles, etc.)[/ecko_contrast]

Not enough for you? ZLIN is opening up an ‘exclusive’ program that allows customers to create original accessories – both produced and tested by the company. Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to leave it to the professionals when it comes to aviation and flight worthiness testing.

Cockpit of a savage bobber

The Bobber borrows heavily from the Savage Classic while stripping away components that were not necessary. That includes an uncovered fuselage. Yep, open air cockpit. If you have a friend afraid of heights, welcome to the cure. Or your friend’s heart attack. One of the two.

Don’t stress the colder months. An option for a removable cockpit enclosure exists for pilots living in northern latitudes.

The dropping of the fuselage covering not only drops the weight, but it’s also a handling bonus. The aircraft performs better in lateral gusts, making life simpler for new pilots.

Bobber Specs

You’re all set with the paint scheme you want and other options. What about performance specs. Staying inside the light aircraft niche, the Savage Bobber can handle minimum takeoff distances of 260 ft. Landings can be accomplished in around 228 ft.

Pilots will want a little extra for safety, but I could park this in my front yard. Now there’s an idea…

Because I can’t get behind the controls of anything without immediately questioning how fast it goes, the Savage Bobber can hit a max speed of 109 mph. Cruising speed (75%) is set at 90 mph with an effective range of 404 miles at 65% throttle. A max ceiling is set at 13,400 ft with a max climb rate of 984 ft/m.

Savage Bobber beacj landing

Powering the ultimate toy is a Rotax 912 100hp. Depending on the market you’re in, the effective load capacity is between 446 and 638 pounds. Roomy enough for the quick beach trip to Gulf Shores from my house in N. Alabama.


With the customization options, it depends. The base price starts at $65,000 and includes 10 hours of ground school coupled with five hours in the air with ZLINs certified flight instructors.

Jump over and check out the insane amount of customization you can build into a Bobber.

Now, convincing your family it’s completely normal to park one in your front yard? I knew there was a benefit to living in the middle of nowhere and having 11 acres we call a front yard.

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