We all have them. Business cards from every networking, conference and ‘insert name’ event. Plenty of companies have tried to come up with a way to digitize the cards so you can ignore them virtually. Now, Evernote and LinkedIn are teaming up to make the process even easier.

Business cards have been the bane of technology companies for years. While this won’t eliminate them, the combination of Evernote with LinkedIn looks like a match to better organize them. Users of Evernote will have access to one-year of free business card scanning. After that, you will need a premium account, and it will sync with LinkedIn.

The process of digitizing the cards is fairly straight forward. If you have ever used a banking app to deposit a check, you know the drill. Lay the card on a flat, contrasting surface. Use Evernote’s camera feature and it stores the card, making it searchable.

Those looking for privacy measures, Evernote says the process is entirely mechanical, and no one looks at the cards. You’re handing out business cards, yet concerned about privacy of that data? That defeats the purpose of the business card.

The new collaboration brings together two massive tech companies. LinkedIn counts 300 million users on its service, while 75 million use Evernote’s note taking app.

If you have a load of free time today, the updated Evernote app is available now. Apple users get first crack at it, with both the iPhone and iPad apps supporting the feature. Android gets the vague promise of coming soon. Desktop users will get support using the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner.

If any two companies can successfully digitize the business card, it will be these two. No longer will you be wondering where you put that important business card. Like everything in life now, there’s an app for that.


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