With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off, it’s all about new trailers. The Evil Within is getting the TGS treatment, and scaring the hell out of happy fans. Personally, I hate even riding roller coasters, so I’m not too game on playing a game that will have me leaving all the lights on at night. Don’t judge me.

The trailer clocks in at 1:40 and jammed with blood, gore, terror and violence. Visually, the game looks incredible. Bethesda is pulling out all the stops. Plus, unlike other games in the genre, it has that creepy feeling.

That feeling is just one of those things of you know it when you see it. The Evil Within has it in spades judging by the trailer. I mean, a barbed wired tank filling with water? It’s like if Saw was still good and made a great video game.

Yes, I will be playing this during the day. Hey, you live in a rural area and have a horror game marathon. Talk about checking the locks. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.


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