Sea of Thieves’ Launch Trailer Shows That Rare Magic is Coming Back

The days of toiling away at Kinect Sports are over. Rare is looking for a return to form and Sea of Thieves is shaping up to deliver. We are five days away from the official launch of their co-op heavy pirate adventure, and a new launch trailer gives us a glimpse at one of the biggest dangers lurking in the ocean’s depth. The Kraken.

Me and my Xbox One X are just waiting for the moment I can begin pre-loading.

Sea of Thieves also marks the start of Xbox’s ambitious Game Pass plan. From now on, every first-party game hits the Xbox Game Pass service on day one. Instead of dropping $60 for a new game at launch, you can play it all you want for just $10/month. That’s a damn nice entry point for new games. Especially, new franchises you aren’t sure about.

Several closed betas and one open beta were well received. I played it for a few hours during one of the closed betas and had a blast. Sure, I doubt it replaces PUBG or Fortnite for me – but I can see myself spending more than a few nights with my friends doing all kinds of pirate shenanigans.

Microsoft’s biggest problem is its lack of first party games. Especially in the variety department. We know all about Halo, Forza, and Gears. It’s nice to see games like Sea of Thieves and the upcoming State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 shake things up a little bit. Hopefully, it’s a direction Microsoft doubles down with at E3.

Xbox Game Pass is a big deal for the folks at Xbox. Having a slew of quality first-party games will be key to getting people to buy in. Sea of Thieves should be a good start.

Still on the fence about Sea of Thieves? Still not sure exactly what all you do? Rare put together an 8-minute video yesterday showing everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves. Give it a watch.

Sea of Thieves hits Xbox One and PC on March 20th.