Most of IO Interactive is hard at work on the next Hitman, but that doesn’t mean support for Hitman 2 is done. In 2020, the monthly roadmaps will focus on Featured Contracts, bringing back Elusive Targets, and Curated Contracts.

Sean Bean, aka The Undying in Hitman 2, makes his third appearance as an Elusive Target starting January 17. If you missed him the other two times, this month’s chance will probably be your last. But if you did take him out, then “your record will stand and the contract will remain closed,” according to the developers.

January’s Hitman 2 content actually kicks off today with 11 hand-picked Contracts submitted via the Hitman forum. IO Interactive’s theme for the contracts this month is ‘Stay Frosty.’ Expect a solid range of locations and targets to take out through the rest of the month.

Later in January, a community curator will pick some of their favorite contracts and showcase them to the rest of the community.

And finally, IO Interactive is hosting a livestream on January 30th to share what’s coming in February and give us some more behind-the-scenes looks at what’s going on at the studio.

Expect similar content drops for the rest of 2020.

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