Small businesses has been the bane of Google, Facebook and others looking to pull them into the PPC market. Small businesses feel ‘small’, and the online landscape is intimidating. Most refuse to jump into the deep end of the pool. Facebook is looking to change that, and grab a bigger portion of the 25 million American small businesses on Facebook. Plus, the additional revenue won’t hurt Facebook’s stock.

Workshops, dubbed Facebook Fit, are showing small business how to set up fan pages and target their customers. The company wants to show that business owners can not only target local consumers, but reach a global audience. Five cities are getting the workshops, and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg says the idea is to get show businesses how to get more customers.

Mobile technology has allowed the pages to be more easily updated, removing a barrier to entry. Business owners have left pages wasting away because they do not want to sit down at a desktop to update another Internet presence. Updated technology at Facebook allows advertisers to make changes to their ads via mobile devices.

Facebook does offer the lowest barrier to entry to social advertising for businesses. Owners can get started for as little as $10. The workshops are designed to show business owners how to target their core customer.

Revenue for Facebook, Google and Yahoo has been historically small from the small business segment. Even with the always-on feel to the world, major tech companies have yet to figure out the silver bullet to crack small businesses.

Will Facebook Fit workshops be the answer? That depends on how serious they are in going after main street. After a blowout quarter, Facebook is looking to continue its momentum. Wall Street will be watching with interest as the company moves to grab a healthier slice of the small business vertical.


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