If we have to ask about price, the SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht is out of our reach. The company behind the expedition yachts is radio silent on the cost, but more than willing to talk features.

I’m going to need to make a run to the Georgia line for Powerball tickets.

What makes the SeaXplorer special? It’s not your average ultra-rich yacht. While it can stay near the sun-soaked coastlines in the northern Mediterranean, it can do so much more. Break through the ice in the Arctic? Done.

Granted, while it’s rated to be an icebreaker, you still have to ease up on the throttle. Don’t just blitz through iceberg-filled waters. It didn’t work out too well for the Titanic. Common sense says you don’t want to bang up your superyacht.

seaxplorer yacht

SeaXplorer Icebreaking Design

Designed by DAMEN, the expedition yacht is the first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant yacht with complete capabilities to tackle remote destinations in both the Arctic and off-the-beaten path tropical areas.

It’s the polar capability that impresses. You could be the baddest looking yacht cruising around Alaska in the dead of winter. I’ve seen Aleutian winters. Not exactly picturesque for a cruise, but you have to imagine it’s fun.

Here are the capabilities of the Polar Class SeaXplorer:

  • Light ice hull reinforcement (Ice Class 1C)
  • Heavy ice hull reinforcement up to Polar class 6
  • Icebreaking 90 cm first-year ice
  • Propulsion train with ice Class reinforcement
  • High Bridge with excellent visibility, extended and enclosed bridge wings
  • No weak hull appendages (e.g., stabilisers that cannot be retracted; exhaust outlets)
  • Zero discharge, waste management system

Your average superyacht? None of the above.

Inside the SeaXplorer

Ok, it breaks ice. What about keeping the superyacht feel? Check it off the list. It needed to be to convince potential buyers. Everything the ultra-wealthy love on their current yachts will be found on the SeaXplorer. With some extras.


The team brought on AMELS, a luxury yacht builder, to ensure the rich take what mother nature has to offer in style. Its largest model, the SeaXplorer 100 can accommodate 30 guests in pure luxury.

SeaXplorer? If you need a volunteer to test, consider my hand raised.

SeaXplorer Models

Three models are being offered. Pricing? Not listed, so I’ll file it under ‘I better have Donald Trump money.’

seaxplorer luxury

[divider]SeaXplorer 65[/divider]

Room for 12 guests and 20 crew, it comes complete with a helicopter, a rescue boat, dive support boat, two zodiacs, one submersible and four wave runners. Yeah, I’ll take one.

Here are the specs for the smallest model:

  • Length – 65 meters (213 feet)
  • Beam moulded – 14.00 metres (46 feet)
  • Draught (Max Full Load) – 4.00 metres (13 feet)
  • Gross tonnage – 2,000 GT
  • Speed – 15.0 knots
  • Propulsion power – 3,500 kW
  • Autonomy full luxury service – 40 days
  • Helicopter max takeoff weight – 4,500 kg
  • Helicopter hangar length – 12.00 metres (39 feet)
  • Helicopter D value – 13.5
  • Dive Center – 1
[divider]SeaXplorer 90[/divider]

Need a bit more space? The midrange SeaXplorer is 90 meters long (295 feet) and can accommodate 22 guests along with 36 crew. Similar to the 65, it has a 40-day range, while upping the speed and helicopter specs. Yeah, bigger boat means bigger chopper.

The SeaXplorer 90 comes with one helicopter, an expedition RHIB, two lifeboats, four zodiacs, a dive support boat, luxury tender, two submersibles and four wave runners. What? Couldn’t spring for a few more wave runners?

[divider]SeaXplorer 100[/divider]

The biggest in the fleet, it has a length of 100 meters or 328 feet. Everything is bigger and better. One helicopter not enough? Good, because the 100 has two. All of the other options are similar to the smaller models.

How many friends can you bring along? 30 with a crew complement of 50. 50 crew members? You are essentially employing a small navy.

It’s under development right now, but if you have the net worth, go big.

Me? I’ll just keep the dream alive. Who wouldn’t want an expedition yacht that doubles as an icebreaker?

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