Alabama fans won’t miss out on any SEC football games. Charter Communications, one of the bigger providers in the state, is closing in on a deal to carry the SEC Network.

“We have an agreement that we are currently finalizing with ESPN and we will have the SEC Network for its Aug. 14 launch,” said a Charter spokesman.

Getting Charter to carry the SEC Network is a must. Charter has a big presence in the Birmingham market which has been the top market for college football for more than a decade.

Alabama fans are about to be in heaven. What is the SEC Network offering? How does 45 football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games and 75 baseball games in its first year sound? The network will also broadcast live events from the SEC’s non-revenue sports. Please spare us from Collegiate arm-wrestling. I’m looking at you ESPN2.

The SEC Network will also include a weekly SEC Nation traveling pregame show, and The Paul Finebaum Show will be simulcast on weekday afternoons.

The SEC Network is also getting its own version of 30-for-30 called SEC Storied. One of the films titled Bo, Barkley and the Big Hurt will document the short time when Auburn was home to Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and Frank Thomas.

ESPN is making a huge bet with the SEC network, and barring some monumental screw up, it will be a huge success. Pretty much every major provider is on board to carry the network. The only holdout is DirecTV, but they are in the processing of getting a deal done.


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