120 degrees in the Southwest. Drowning humidity in the Deep South. Dry heat. Wet heat. It doesn’t matter. Miserable is miserable. Lucky for us, HBO just dropped a new Game of Thrones trailer, and it’ll give you chills. For two minutes at least. Let’s check it out.

Ramin Djawadi killed it with ‘Light of the Seven.’ I think it might eclipse the main theme for best Game of Thrones music. HBO showed a whole lot of GoT action in the short two minutes.

Sansa takes a prominent role in the trailer opening up with her walking towards us as Littlefinger narrates.

“Don’t fight in the north. Or the south. Fight every battle, everywhere. Always; in your mind.”

Littlefinger will never stop scheming as he wiggles his way closer and closer to being the winner of the ‘Game of Thrones.’ Somebody needs to off him.

Next up, we see Meera and Bran arrive at the wall. Then quick cuts to all the major players. Jon, Cersei, Jamie, Daenerys, Arya, Littlefinger, Tyrion and more. After that, a whole bunch of action that looks put last year’s epic Battle of the Bastards to shame.

But nothing in this trailer tops Beric Dondarrion and his fire sword.

Game of Thrones Beric

Badass. Here’s hoping for a Beric and the Hound reunion with them fighting together instead of the Hound killing Beric for the sixth time.

Sansa’s narration at the end sounds ominous.

“When the snows fall. And the white winds blow. The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Is she talking about Jon Snow here? Then again, we know Jon Snow has a different name, so maybe it isn’t literal. And hey, if Beric can be brought back from the dead six times what’s another time or two for Jon?

I think it’s just a cool way to end the trailer. Probably some nursery rhyme they were told growing up.

I’m still a little bummed out season 7 is only seven episodes. But it looks like these seven are going to be incredible.

Summer rages, but Winter is here.

What was your favorite part of the trailer besides all of it?

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