Missed last night’s MTV Movie Awards? I doubt you were alone in that, but the broadcast did contain a new Suicide Squad trailer. Good thing YouTube exists. And with it, an extended cut of the trailer.

Tons of new footage, and some definitive pushback against the ‘reshoots for humor’ rumors swirling the movie. Unless they have one hell of a post production staff, there’s no way the narrative of the ‘first trailer contained all the jokes’ jives with the second trailer.

The timeline is too compacted.

[ecko_wide]MTV second suicide squad trailer[/ecko_wide]

And there’s also director David Ayers response to the reports of reshoots for comedic effect.

Were there additional reshoots? Probably, but shoehorning entire chunks of dialogue into the film? Not happening if it expects to hit the release date.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

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