So much for using real names. After Facebook endured severe backlash from the LGBT community, it seems the company is readying its new anonymous app. Facebook endured harsh criticism after it began locking accounts of drag queens who used their stage names.

With the rise of apps like Secret, Facebook is looking to get in on the anonymous app game with a standalone app. Seriously, who is going to be the developer that makes an app that syncs all this into one area? An app for every single feature is getting to the point of absurdity. We get it Facebook, you want ads everywhere.

According to the New York Times, Facebook engineers are hard at work on the new anonymous app, that will allow users to post behind a pseudonym. It will be mobile only and should release into the wild in the next few weeks.

Zuckerberg said it was Facebook’s corporate plan to introduce standalone apps that were still connected to the core Facebook service. Take the Messenger app or Paper for example. You get the idea. With the rash of standalone apps, it’s no wonder the storage space on smartphones is growing. Who the hell can keep up with this? Oh, you have a message on Facebook? Nice, now exit that app and open the Messenger app.

In addition to anonymous app, Facebook is said to be eying the possibility of creating a community health app. Great, as if doctors didn’t hate WebMD graduates enough, now we are going to have Facebook doctors. Paper cut? Umm, sounds like Lupus. Hey, I watched House.

The company is already planning to relax its real name rules, and it would benefit both the upcoming anonymous app and any foray into health. Who wants to talk about that certain itch using their real name? Of course, you could always go to the doctor.

What is Facebook’s goal of creating the standalone apps? Silos within silos. They have the data funnel of core Facebook, and the extra apps allows for additional information for their true customer. Advertisers. What? You thought this was all about the users? Welcome to the world of Wall Street. Facebook users stopped mattering the second the company IPO’d.

Even with proposed anonymity, behind the scenes your personal data is being crunched by Facebook. This in turn allows them to serve up ads to treat whatever ailment you’re talking about, or what you’re discussing hiding behind your pseudonym.

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