Yesterday, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer was revealed in a post on IGN. Today, we see it in action.

Bioware fans instantly thought of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component following the announcement. There are similarities between Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and Inquisition’s, but it’s said Inquisition’s is “significantly deeper.”

News of the multiplayer mode didn’t shock too many. A survey earlier in the year asked fans if they wanted a multiplayer component in Inquisition. With the success of Mass Effect’s multiplayer, it was likely Inquisition was going to get the similar treatment.

These multiplayer sessions are being designed around 20-30 minutes long. Bioware says there will be three multiplayer campaigns at launch, with each campaign broke into smaller sections.

I know what you are thinking. DLC. There will be “lots of DLC” according to Bioware producer Scylla Costa. And, the good news? “It’s all free DLC for everyone,” says Costa. No way you can hate on EA on this one.

Man, can November 18 hurry up already? Those of you in the Seattle area can check out Inquisition’s multiplayer mode at PAX Prime at the Xbox booth this weekend. If you want to read more about the multiplayer mode, check out IGN’s article from yesterday.


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