Everyone knows Beats by now. If you don’t, then Apple is about to happily pound that name into your head. Actors wear them. Athletes wear them. The entire product was sculpted by the packaging and marketing gods. Sure audiophiles turn their ears up in disgust, but welcome to capitalism.

Sennheiser, a brand that audiophiles love, is jumping aboard the marketing express. They are looking to muscle into the Beats crowd with the company’s new Urbanite brand. Yeah, they look great. Coming in both the on-ear and over-ear XL model, Sennheiser knows they have to change with the times.

The color spectrum has been made available to product managers at Sennheiser, and they are taking advantage. Bright plastic, rings of color on the ear pads and a stylish take on the headband comes standard. Consumers will have their pick of colors. Think Beats color line-up and you have what the Urbanite line is offering.

The new brand isn’t shy about being bass forward. The marketing copy even spouses it. “Take your club with you, massive bass and clear treble.” Couldn’t be more clear than that. Price wise, the on-ears will set you back $200 and the over-ears, $250.

What Sennheiser will have to do battle with is marketing. Beats are like the Nascar patch for athletes. People see their favorite athlete or celebrity wearing them, and they buy them. It’s smart for Sennheiser to jump into the vertical, but they better be willing to spend on marketing.

It has never been about which sounds the best, to the chagrin of audiophiles, but the social status. Beats are what the iPhone once represented. Social status. That’s probably a reason why Apple bought them, along with realizing they are late to the streaming music party.

Sennheiser should get these out to as many athletes and celebrities as possible. The company also shouldn’t overlook the power of social media. Put them in the hands of YouTube and Instagram tastemakers.


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