Air New Zealand is capitalizing on the popularity of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies. We all know flight safety videos are about the time everyone tunes out for the flight. How can you make them more interesting. Show a video featuring Elijah Wood, Peter Jackson, Dean O’Gorman (Fili the Dwarf) and Sylvester (Radagast).

With scenes for Middle-Earth being shot all over New Zealand, Air New Zealand shot the video over six days. It clocks in at just over 4 minutes, and is better than your standard fare. I’m not sure how the seat cushion as a flotation device helps you at 30,000 feet, but it’s an entertaining watch.

Peter Jackson released a statement on filming the video. “Air New Zealand has created yet another fantastic video to celebrate The Hobbit films. “This latest offering combines members of our cast and our locations with Air New Zealand’s unique personality. I had a lot of fun on the set with Taika [Waititi] and the team and look forward to seeing the video on board.”

Air New Zealand is already calling it the ‘most epic safety video ever made.’ It’s definitely fun, and reminds us all that our journey through Middle-Earth ends this winter.

Check out the video below. It may be the first time some of you have actually paid attention to the preflight safety briefing.


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