It’s so real… That’s what presenters are hoping will be the reaction at CES 2015. It’s all about the 4K, or ultra-HD. The show floor is full of the top tier TVs, but Sharp isn’t having any of it. The company is going big, and announcing a virtual 8K television.

Before you mortgage the house, there are some caveats to the announcement. The TV in question is a Sharp Aquos Beyond 4K Ultra HDTV. There’s no mention of it being a legitimate 8K TV, and the company is quick to avoid any direct mention advertising it as such.

But, there is four times the pixels of a 4K TV, making it the virtual 8K. The effective display, thanks to some serious pixel magic, is 7,680 x 4,320. That gives you the headline – 8K Ultra HDTV.

Sharp pulls off the feat by employing subpixels. Each pixel has four subpixels, instead of the normal three. Sharp added yellow to the normal trio of red, green and blue. In total, the set boasts 66 million subpixels – 42 million more than your standard 4K TV.

While not true 8K definition, it is undoubtedly the sharpest television you will be able to buy on the market. Right now, the upscaled definition would be bragging rights only. There’s little to no content that takes advantage of the ultra-HD.

Other features on the television include Sharp’s Android-TV system. That gives you access to the library of Google Play apps.

As for a real 8K television? Sharp will be demonstrating a non-virtual 8K TV on the show floor. It’s a prototype, so get ready for a wait.

So, when and how much? Price isn’t known, but if you have to ask… As to the when, Sharp says late 2015. Expect some Christmas trees to have a giant TV under them. I will definitely add one of these to my list.

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