Ok, power supply strips have never been known for their design aesthetics, but that’s changing. Shinola, in partnership with GE, unveiled a five-port power supply featuring the design acumen we know to expect from the company.

The ugly plastic power strip you snapped up out of need? Toss it and replace it with a with the five-port plus dual USB charging capability housed in a die-cast metal enclosure.

Shinola power supply strip design

Shinola Power Supply Strip Features

If you’re detail oriented, the company hears you. You won’t even want to hide it behind the entertainment center. The power supply features five female ports and dual quick-charging USB ports at two amps each. Hey, embrace the dual screen of watching TV and messing with your phone. We all do it.

The wall plug is set at 45-degrees to allow other electronics to use the wall outlet. Eight feet of braided extension cord should solve nearly every situation. Or you seriously need to rearrange your living room. One of the two.

Shinola power supply strip braided cord

Design cues borrow heavily from Shinola’s line of bikes, and the construction owes its pedigree to the company’s line of watches. The finish is a powder coat black – it’s a part of Shinola’s All Black Collection.

Tech specs on the power supply are 125V/15A

Price. It’s not cheap, but neither is the construction. It’ll set you back $175, but you won’t be kicking it behind something to hide it when you have guests over. Head over to Shinola to learn more.

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