Drones give ordinary people a way to capture extraordinary sights. And with this new tool comes innovative ways of using them. Lighting is a new trend you may have heard of. A good example would be the work from photographers Ryland West and Paul Heran in their project called Highlight. Here’s a stunning image showing what’s possible.

drone light picture

BROOKLYN AERIALS go further. The team wanted to try something new. Something different. “The big question was: how could we use a drone light in a new way,” writes Tim Sessler. “How could it replace traditional film lighting – both in a very subtle way (that wouldn’t immediately give away that it was lit by a drone) and in a creative way?”

Here’s the result.

THE LIGHT from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

Using lights on drones has one major problem. Any drone movement would instantly be noticeable because of the light. Drones are never perfectly stable. Anytime I take my DJI out, it shifts to compensate for even the lightest breeze. But there’s always a solution. And in this case, an easy one. If you don’t mind cracking open the wallet a little wider. The lights are mounted on a MoVI stabilizer.

Here’s how a 400W Spotlight looks in the air.

drone lights

This film short is pretty damn impressive. I love the first establishing shot.

drone lights on ground

It makes you wonder, what’s special about that place?

“We think this kind of lighting could be revolutionary for the film industry – pushing creative lighting in a completely new direction and open doors for indie filmmakers as well as high-budget feature films, commercials or even music videos,” Tim writes.

What kind of drone is that?

Yep, that’s not your average consumer drone. And it definitely does not come with your average price tag. The drone in the picture above? That’s either a Freefly ALTA 6 or 8. BROOKLYN AERIALS uses both models. You’ll be dropping just over $18,000 for the ALTA 8 at B&H Photo. $12,000 for the ALTA 6.

That MoVI stabilizer? A MoVI Pro starts at $5,000. Just for the gimbal. These drones aren’t quite for hobbyists. But if you’re serious about filmmaking? Absolutely. You’ll get shots no consumer drone could ever get.

Here’s an even better short film from BROOKLYN AERIALS showing what’s possible with a top-tier drone.

BALANCE from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

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