Sia has a new video out for ‘Fire Meet Gasoline.’ And, this time there’s no Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer featured in previous videos.

Instead, we have Pedro Pascal and Heidi Klum. If you’re wondering where you have seen Pascal before, it’s Game of Thrones. He was the Oberyn Martell or the Red Viper. Easily one of my favorite characters from the HBO series.

Instead of dancing and a disturbing Shia Labeouf, we are treated to Pascal and Heidi Klum rolling around in bed.

The video looks like Sia is angling for the next Victoria’s Secret commercial, as the two roll around in the grass and the bed as the house lights on fire. Klum is featured in little more than a bra, proving she could still hit the Christmas catwalk on CBS.

sia new music video

Oh, and those looking for the platinum blonde wig? It does make an appearance in the video.

Now, if we could just get HBO to work some magic and bring back Oberyn. If you missed the trial by combat scene in the fourth season of Game of Thrones, it’s a must watch.


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