I’m on the silver screen, take a look at me. Lonely Island is getting off the boat to make a movie, with Judd Apatow producing. All I ask is that Michael Bolton be in this. The movie will be about the music industry. Lonely Island is a group comprised of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.

After a successful pitch to Universal, Schaffer and Taccone are set to direct the still untitled feature. The group recently signed a deal with Fox’s digital platform to produce more digital shorts, so expect the madness to ramp up for the next few years.

Lonely Island is known for their hilarious music videos, including Jack Sparrow. That’s about the only sorta safe-for-work music video they have done. The others? Well, you’ve heard of them. They are viral classics.

If you haven’t seen Jack Sparrow, it’s embedded below. You will see why Michael Bolton has to have a cameo in this movie. I’d see it just on that alone. What will be interesting on this film is the release date.

Do they follow the path of the Neighbors and go summer tentpole? Or, do they go outside the summer window and try to dominate an off-month for theaters? Gut feeling is they try to recreate the Neighbors success. Launch in the summer with a ton of digital marketing leading up to the release. The guys know they can create instant viral classics. Why not shoot for box office gold?

Get ‘em Kiv.


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