Minecraft’s insane popularity continues to manifest itself in amazing creations. Meet Broville. This Minecraft project has been going on since Minecraft’s beta, with ground breaking happening in 2010. What started as a three person team has grown to ten, and more than thirty people have helped in some way.

Check out the images below. The top down view looks just like an older SimCity game. Up close snapshots show the city is extremely well detailed. I grabbed my favorite images below. Check out the full gallery here.

broville 1

broville 2

broville 3

This is where it gets crazy. Xbox One user Pneumatic Bog has created Minecraft in Trials Fusion. Usually we see games created in Minecraft. Not the other way around. And, I definitely wouldn’t have picked Trials Fusion as the game to create a Minecraft clone.

Yet, here it is. Check out TrialsCraft in the video below. It’s limited to 17 blocks on a 10 x 10 x 10 grid, but the Minecraft concept is there. TrialsCraft isn’t limited to Xbox One users. Thanks to cross-platform sharing, all Trials Fusion players can try it out.


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