Good news Siri fans. Or at least an extremely plausible rumor. The long awaited arrival of Siri on our desktops may be as early as this year. 9to5Mac is reporting Apple is adding the digital personal assistant to the next version of OS X.

With history as a guide, Siri should land on Mac desktops and laptops this fall. According to the mockup, Apple would add the Siri icon to its menu bar, placing it next to the clock and Spotlight icon.

An unknown is if the company plans to have an always-listening feature. If Apple goes that route, expect the default to be a press-to-ask versus and always-on. Can you imagine the madness of an office full of Mac users?

Siri on OS X

Using the program wouldn’t be dissimilar from iOS. Answers to your pressing questions would be displayed in a corner on a semi-transparent background. See the design possibilities on 9to5Mac.

siri mac osx rumors

A lot of ifs here, but we’ll know soon enough. Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is in June and normally includes announcements surrounding OS X. If Apple is angling to make Siri a feature on desktops, look for it to earn a heavy presence at the event.

From there, OS X releases enter summer public betas with a full release in the fall. Details could change, but the Siri rumors have a realistic feel to them. The digital assistant’s absence on OS X is glaring at this point.

It’s not a ‘one more thing’ moment, but it further cements the Apple ecosystem of iOS and OS X.

I still have to remember to put the gazpacho on ice.

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