BetaBrand, you’re an Alpha in my book. The clothing company is taking preorders on its sitting-pocket sweatpants collab with Greg Tamargo. We all experience one problem when lounging around the house and BetaBrand is here with a fix.

Smartphones are designed to fall out of your pocket. Jony Ive might have the iPhone dipped in moon dust and claim Apple invented glass, but the damn phones are designed to fall out of your pocket. Maybe the company owns a stake in screen protectors. A common question in my house is ‘have you seen my phone?’ A six-acre front yard makes for an interesting search when you left it on silent.

BetaBrand Sweatpants

The solution is all in the positioning of the pockets. Instead of the traditional look, the company has reversed it so when you plop down, zero worries about your favorite chair eating a smartphone.

sitting-pocket sweatpants features

Here’s the story behind the sweatpants from BetaBrand:

Loosen yourself from the shackles of inferior sweatpants, and be swathed in the supple embrace of Greg Tamargo’s Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants. Made from incredibly cozy, lightweight terry, these sweats do more than keep you in the throes of recumbent comfort — they’re also expertly engineered with advanced storage-design technology so you can slip, shift, or slide your way through binge-watching and binge-snacking with nary an item falling from your pockets. And yet they still grant you blissfully easy access to phone, keys, and other gentlemanly essentials you’ve stowed away.

sitting-pocket sweatpants theater

Yeah, go ahead and sneak your favorite snacks into the theater. Girlfriends everywhere have now turned us into smugglers.

A nice touch from the company is the accessibility marketing. Those with limited mobility will appreciate the reversal of the pockets and enables a person quick access to their phone or other items.

sitting-pocket sweatpants accessibility

Price? The sweatpants are currently taking pre-orders at $79.20 – 10% off the $88 retail price. Each pair will ship in July in time for the backend of summer blockbusters, football tailgating and the ‘just chillin’ days. We all have them. The ones when your fitness app gets an attitude and starts vibrating at you to move.

Your move smartphone manufacturers.

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