A clean shave without irritation, redness, cuts or mortgaging your house to pay Gillette? Ok, I’m interested… The claim from Skarp, Kickstarter’s newest darling, is that you can have all that and more.

It is not the normal laser hair removal, which means you won’t have the roasted hair smell filling your bathroom. That’s always a plus. Tired of using depilatory creams? Toss them according to the two Swedes that make up Skarp.

The pedigree behind Skarp is impressive. Morgan Gustavsson invented the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) in 1989. The method is still prevalent for removing unwanted hair. His dream? Bringing the laser to the everyday shaving market.

His biggest obstacle? Wavelengths of light could handle dark hair with ease. The same couldn’t be said for light or gray hairs. Until now.

The duo is claiming they have discovered a chromophore that is shared by all humans. What the hell is a chromophore? It’s a hair molecule, and Skarp says it can be easily cut with a particular wavelength of light.

Ok, please let this be true and not vaporware. The pair has capitalized on the discovery by developing Skarp, a commercial grade razor that has your Fusion ProGlide looking on with a mix of skepticism and fear.

skarp razor prototypes

How will a Skarp work? Well, you don’t need water, but you can use it in the shower. Just glide the razor over your skin and the hair falls away. That sounds trippy as hell, but consider my interest piqued.

It’s being marketed to men and women, and Skarp says it can be used all over your body. Face? Check. Legs? Check. Other areas? Evidently. Someone else can test that first.

The campaign is sitting at $1.3 million, blitzing past its goal of $160,000. Me? It sounds pretty damn awesome, but the delivery date is a tentative March 2016. Hey, if it works, then I’ll pick one up when it goes into mass production.

If you want to take a chance on a shaving revolution, it can be had for $189. Price wise, it’s in line with what you would expect out of a laser hair removal system.

Skarp is a project to watch. The promises made are pretty damn incredible. And not handing Gillette what amounts to a car payment is enticing. Still, I’m going to wait on the sidelines and see where Skarp goes.

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