Skinners, you get me. UPS shows up, and it’s a mad dash to find my shoes to get out there before my lovable, but mildly crazy border collie gets there.

More lovable than nuts

More lovable than nuts

It’s not the only problem Skinners wants to solve, but it’s the one we are all dreaming about. Sweet, no more shoes around the office. Lounging around the house but can go outside at any point.

Living on 11-acres, you’ll appreciate not having to grab shoes every time you want to open the front door.

Plus, the company has the same smart ass humor as me. Turn your audio up and hit play.

Apple would be proud…

Skinners Footwear

In case you didn’t press play, the ‘shoes’ are ultra portable and lightweight. How portable? Roll them up and put a pair in your pocket portable.

The company points out the growth of specialized footwear in the past decade. Climbing shoes, hiking boots, trail runners, gym, office and umm rollerblading? Granted, I live in rural Alabama. Gadsden could crack in half, and I’d be the last to know. But yeah, rollerblading shoes…

Skinners works as either a replacement or a complement to all of the above. No, don’t hike the Appalachian Trail wearing these. But want to ditch the boots after a 10-mile trek to the campsite? Throw on the Skins and walk around without getting your feet dirty.

I swear it’s like the founders know me. Hell no I’m not walking around in the dirt barefoot…

Runner? If you’re into the barefoot running, Skinners affords enough protection to hit your favorite trail or path. The footwear shines in the gym where you can be sure to draw the attention of everyone wondering why you’re wearing only socks.

How you mess with your gym buddies is up to you, but have fun.

And traveling. Hello messing with the TSA agents. Take off your shoes and put them in the bin? Hell, you came prepared. Socks as shoes.

Taking a Greyhound? I’d skip it unless that particular relative is wealthy and you have a chance at a giant inheritance. But, Skinners has you covered by letting you despise America in relative comfort.

Skinners Details and Kickstarter

Everything you need to know in one picture:

skinners footwear specs

Color accents vary from white to fluorescent yellow.

skinners footwear color

The company’s Kickstarter campaign is already past its funding goal of $10,000 with 42 days left. At $50,000, the company will include a protective pouch with every pair.

Prices are set at $35 with an August delivery. The campaign ends and the ‘shoes’ ship. Need more than one pair? Multi-packs start at $65.

It’s socks as shoes. No app. No WiFi. Just your feet. Leo was right – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Learn more about Skinners on the company’s campaign page.

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