And pricing. Sotto Design Studios teamed with Embraer Executive Jets to take the company’s Lineage 1000E flagship to the next level. In case the name didn’t give it away, the Skyacht answers the question – ‘what if a yacht could fly?’

How much? Better stock up on the Powerball tickets. You’ll need a couple wins to afford the $983 million price tag.

Skyacht One

The collaboration between the Sotto Design and Embraer focuses on a ultra-custom interior design theme. Inspiration comes from the 1939 yacht named Thunderbird. The boat, commissioned by George Wittell, was built by John Hacker. Wittell wanted a boat to match his custom Douglas DC2.

The Embraer Lineage 1000E has a range of 4600 nautical miles, and Sotto Design had 4,000 cubic feet of cabin space to work the design magic.

Mission accomplished by Eddie Sotto and his team. Instead of the coach seats I and the rest of the 99 percenters have to contend with, the cabin of the Skyacht is outfitted with a private conference room, the main cabin with a sofa and a master suite. Yeah, a suite. It has a bedroom and an attached bathroom complete with a shower.

Skyacht One bedroom

Design cues are nautical throughout. Down to the sink’s faucet. It was inspired by the throttles of a classic powerboat. A little over-the-top? Maybe, but you can’t argue it’s not done well.

Mahogany paneling dominates the interior. Leather is everywhere you sit. And the windows? Call them Skyports. $83 million private jets don’t have plastic window shades.

Skyacht One Private jet interior

The old yacht theme only goes so far. Flatscreens are everywhere and the latest technology is available to the rich person that calls it their daily commute. Check out a 90-second virtual tour of plane:

Skyacht One In-Flight Movie from Eddie Sotto on Vimeo.

Unless I have a seriously wealthy relative out there, I’m stuck arguing with Priceline about the best deals.

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