Drones are ubiquitous today. The old barrier to entry to aerial photography has been completely removed with the rise of camera drones. You see them everywhere even when the quadcopters aren’t there. Looking at you Gatwick.

With camera drones in the hands of amateur photographers, you’ll want something that can edit the images in a hurry with very little input from the user. Enter AirMagic from Skylum. You’ll recognize the name as the company is also behind the Luminar and Aurora HDR 2019. Skylum knows its market and AirMagic is one of the first pieces of editing software dedicated to drone photography.   

AirMagic can be used as a standalone program or as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom, or an Apple Photos extension. For more experienced photographers, the plugin route is the best to keep tweaking the RAW files. Want a quick edit? The drag-and-drop standalone editor is great and will give you an Instagram-worthy shot.

AirMagic Features

It’s able to handle RAW or JPEG files, so you’re set if you forget to change the settings inside your drone. AirMagic works to remove haze in photos, enhance the shy, reveal details, and boost color saturation. If the final result is a bit much, it comes with a slider to tone down the effect.

During my testing, full on 100% is a bit much on most photos, so the slider comes in handy. Also, the ability to keep the RAW files inside Lightroom is another fantastic feature to fine-tune the image.

What about pricing? During the pre-order phase, Skylum has it listed for $39 which is impulse buy territory. The company sweetens the deal with a host of bonuses including a pro-style for AirMagic, $40 off Lume Cube’s drone lighting kit, and two courses on drone photography and videography.

Compatible camera drones include DJI, Yuneec, and Parrot. The pre-order page is live for another twelve days, so lock in the bonuses. At $39, it’s more than worth the price to speed up your workflow or give new photographers an excellent starting point for their aerial photographs.

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