Love your ATV but need a little flight time? Good thing, because Skyrunner wants you to have both. Think badass dune buggy that can fly. You had me at dune buggy…

It combines an off-road vehicle with a ram-air parafoil wing. No, you can’t go Furious 7 and hit a button release on the dash, though it’s an idea Skyrunner. Unfortunately, the human element says some moron would eject the parafoil a little too high up.

The Skyrunner converts in and out of flight mode in a matter of minutes. Flight speeds are at around 55mph with a max ceiling of 10,000 feet. And the FAA complains about drones?

Skyrunner MK atv that can fly

Using the parafoil wing, takeoff and landings are short. Grab a decent sized clearing, grass strips or a secluded beach to launch.

Seating is a 1+1 configuration, and I’d be damn sure to take a parachute if the driver is planning on experimenting with the max ceiling.

It sounds amazing until you’re 10,000 feet up and remember you’re in a dune buggy trusting the Rotax engine and a parafoil wing. You only live once, right?

It’s perfect for rural NE Alabama. Need a quick trip to Walmart? Done. Granted, I’m sure that’s illegal, but hey, it’s Alabama. We are allowed to do ridiculous things. It’s the only way we ever make CNN.

Skyrunner understands. They are located in Shreveport, LA. Southerners have to go next level. Regular dune buggy? Nah, hold my beer and make it fly.

For now, the Skyrunner MK is taking $5,000 deposits for the adventure vehicle. The final price tag? $119,00. I know I’m afraid of heights, but I want one.

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