Los Angeles is in the business of one-upping the rest of the world. Your glass-bottomed observation deck? Whatever, they are turning it into a slide. One thousand feet in the air.

And people wonder why medical marijuana is legal in California. I will have one hell of a migraine before sliding down…

OUE Skyspace LA

It’s not all a slide. Skyspace LA is a multi-level experience opening up at the U.S. Bank Tower on June 25. For $25, you can enjoy the observation deck, the Skyslide and panoramic views of Los Angeles.

oue skyspace la observation deck

Skyspace LA will be CA’s tallest observation deck. The observation deck alone boasts 2,800 square feet of outdoor space. No better way to enjoy LA weather than looking out over the city.

Hate heights? Inside and away from the crazy slide is a digital interactive level. It will feature a 360-degree topographic wall of Los Angeles with famous landmarks and neighborhoods highlighted.

skyslide at skyspace la

Confidence in the project is high. Ticket sales start March 18. If you want to be one of the first down the slide, you can sign up for the presale event.

For those flipping out about the safety of the slide, the glass is 1.25 inches thick. Forget waiting for the elevator and slide from the 70th floor down to 69. My heart says ‘hell yes’ but my mind? It’s screaming ‘bad idea.’

The heart always win.

Somewhere, The Rock is highly upset he didn’t get to slide down this during the filming of San Andreas. Always next time fella.

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