Damn your three-pound drone. OpenWorks Engineering has the answer with its SkyWall 100 bazooka. Someone in marketing decided to have a blast with the intro video.

I love my Phantom 3 Pro, but I also want one of these. If SkyWall’s goal was to protect against the armada of drones flying around, they succeeded. But, it’s going to Comic-Con with me.

Enjoy the seriousness(?) of the SkyWall 100:

Tone lock? Are you serious? Consider me sold. I know the goal here is to protect installations and airports against the moron flying his drone around, but can we buy one of these for use around the house?

That’s not a t-shirt cannon. This is a t-shirt cannon…

NBA games will never be the same.


SkyWall 100

It’s a smart bazooka that fires a net at drones 100 meters away. Oh, and it looks like the Halo Spartan Laser. Perfect for battling the horde of Amazon drones to come. It’s reloadable and ridiculously simple to operate.

skywall 100 anti-drone bazooka

The smart scope sells me. Snatch up the bazooka and lock onto your target. It has a rangefinder to help the operator lead the target. Get a solid lock and it’s straight Top Gun on the ground.

Multiple drones pestering you? It can be rapidly reloaded to engage multiple targets. I’m not saying you’re paranoid. Actually, yes I am…

The canister flies out and takes the drone down with a variety of projectile options. The SB40 nets the drone and brings it back to the ground with an onboard parachute. Unfortunately, the company isn’t offering details on if there’s a more kinetic projectile.

Can it get better? Oh yeah..

In addition to the SkyWall 100, OpenWorks announced the SkyWall 200. It is a semi-portable tripod mounted drone defense launcher. Ok, I want one of those too. What else?

The SkyWall 300. A turret-like launcher that has to be permanently installed. Tracking and detection are built into the system and can be operated from the comfort of your couch. Or bunker.

OpenWorks, you know something we don’t about drones? Is that SkyNet’s first move?

Pricing hasn’t been released, but the company promises the systems will make their commercial debut later this year. Here’s to SkyWall 100s being the new t-shirt cannon.

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