After an Amazon listing outed the game earlier this week, Square Enix has made it official. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 10. The console versions get the 1080p bump plus 24 DLC packs and “tuned gameplay.” Whatever the hell that means.

Upgrades to the original game’s graphics and audio will also be included. So, Square Enix showed off these new upgrades today right? Nope. We get a live-action trailer. We see marketing words like renewed, remastered and redeveloped. How about you actually show us some gameplay so we can see how remastered and redeveloped it is. Check out the trailer below.

I’m all for live-action trailers announcing games, but remastered games? That’s a bit much.

While the trailer is disappointing, Sleeping Dogs is far from it. One of my favorite games from 2012, it brings good controls and a more in-depth hand-to-hand combat system to the open-world action genre.

The major addons Year of the Snake and Nightmare in North Point are included in the Definitive Edition.

Still not a fan of this release date. There’s way too many games coming out over the next few months that are not remastered versions. Outside of the Halo remaster, I don’t see how any remastered games will sell well this holiday season.

With the insane amount of games coming in the next few months, Black Friday sales will reward those with patience.


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