Who else looks at your GoPro videos from yesterday’s adventure and goes ‘Damn, I have a severe case of the shakes?’ And then when you consciously try to hold still, it’s shaking all over the place.

It’ll leave you begging for the buttery smooth videos you see on YouTube all the time.

Toss in a mountain bike, kayak, your dog or insert outdoor sport here, and you have a recipe for choppy videos.

Enter SLICK. It answers your prayers for an affordable Steadicam for your GoPro. It keeps your videos buttery smooth while you tear up the trails, fresh powder and waves. Or attach it to your dog. What? I have two crazy border collies. It’s fun to watch a first-dog view of their adventures.

Best of all? It fits the older GoPro 3 all the way to the newest GoPro 4 Session. Zero worries about rushing out to buy the latest GoPro to fit.

How well does it work? Check out the comparison video:

It also works on the slopes. I live in Alabama. It looks more like the Walking Dead versus the badass Red Bull videos you see from the ski slopes when it snows. And trust me, it’s never deep enough. I speak from experience.

Another feature? It’s completely waterproof. That’s right. My kayak adventures can be documented in smooth 1080p. Hard to hate on that. Kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, etc. Name your adventure sport. Attach the GoPro to SLICK and get out there.

How Does SLICK Work?

It’s works on a three-axis system. Each motorized axis is driven by a micro-controller, keeping the GoPro completely level, regardless of the terrain. Of course you rolling down a mountain will start out smooth, but at least we get to count the number of flips.

Using SLICK is pretty damn slick. Attach your GroPro to SLICK. Pop it on your favorite mount and start recording. Damn, there’s a perfect canyon road near my house where I might treat the speed limit signs as a suggestion… It might be too tempting.

attaching a gopro to slick

How about the drone lover in your family? Just attach SLICK to your drone with the GoPro. No need to buy an expensive 3-axis gimbal system.

SLICK Tech Specs

It adds about 230g or about 0.5 pounds to your current GoPro setup. Not heavy, but if you’re heading to the mountains with your bike, ride around first if you’re using the helmet mount. The dimensions work out to 10x10x8 cm or 3.9×3.9×3.1 inches.

slick tech specs

Battery life is about 2 hours with a removable lithium battery onboard. Ports include a micro USB for charging and firmware updates. You can also order additional batteries if you’re outside all day.

Hauling it around is easy. The company created a hard case specifically designed for SLICK.

SLICK Indiegogo

The initial funding goal has come and gone on Indiegogo. SLICK was looking for $50,000 in funding. Two days in and the campaign is sitting at $115,000. Yeah, I want one too. There’s an amazing zip line center in North Carolina where it would be perfect.

Retail pricing for the system is projected to be about $279. Crowdfunders can get in on the complete package for $209 as a late early bird. More than 350 remain at this price before it jumps to $229.

What about delivery time? Right now, it is set for March 2016. You’ll miss ski season in North America, but it will be just in time for Spring. Or you can chase the snow in the southern hemisphere.

The prototypes have already made their way into the hands of brand ambassadors, so it’s real. No vaporware here.

Check out the campaign on Indiegogo for more information and comparison videos.

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